• Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

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The last date of AADHAAR PAN LINK with a fees of Rs. 500/- is 30th June, 2022. After 30th June, 2022, the fees will be Rs. 1000/-. If Aadhaar is not linked with PAN, then PAN number will become inoperative as per Section 139AA of Income Tax Act.

Consequences of Non-linking of Aadhaar and PAN

As mentioned above, if PAN Aadhaar are not linked, PAN will become inoperative. Due to this, even after quoting of PAN, wherever required, it will be deemed that the person has not quoted PAN and all provisions of Income Tax Act will apply accordingly. For example, if PAN is not given to bank, then bank deducts 20% TDS on FDR interest. So, if PAN becomes inoperative, same process may be applied and 20% TDS may be deducted even after quoting PAN.

Penalty for non-linking of AADHAR PAN

As per new Section 234H, if PAN is not linked with Aadhar within prescribed date, the person will have to pay a penalty of prescribed amount which may exceed upto Rs. 1000/-.

How inoperative PAN will become operative

As soon as the AADHAAR is linked to PAN, the PAN will automatically become operative in terms of Rule 114AAA.

How to link PAN AADHAAR

To link PAN AADHAAR click here. This will take you to Income Tax portal where you have to fill PAN and AAHDAAR. If you have paid Rs. 500/-, it will detect the challan details and proceed. But, if you have not paid Rs. 500/-, it will prompt you to pay Rs. 500/- and will take to e-payment site. There you have select Challan No. 280 and fill it with Major Head code 0021 and minor code 500, amount Rs. 500/- and other details. After 4-5 days of payment, it will detect and challan details and then only you can proceed for linking.

PAN AADHAAR linking status

To check PAN AADHAR linking status click here. This will take you to Income Tax portal where you have to fill PAN and AAHDAAR and then submit. This will show that whether both are linked or not.

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