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Meditation : A new hope for complete change in criminals

complete change in criminals

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Rekha Khandelwal BSc, LLM, NET, Research Scholar Dept. of Law, (Univ. of Rajasthan)


Crime in our country is increasing day by day and there are no effective measures for bringing change in criminals because these measures are external and don’t bring internal change in criminals. But there is a solution, i.e., Meditation. I am connected with Heartfulness Meditation and on the basis of my personal experience, I can say that meditation brings internal change and creates feelings of love and happiness.

The condition of our country is very miserable today. Crimes are increasing day by day and number of criminals in jails is also increasing. A large number of efforts are being made for reformation of criminals like parole, pariviksha, open jail, juvenile homes, etc to being change in criminals, but these efforts are not sufficient. Some new additional efforts are required. Meditation can help in this regard. These criminals are being punished in the form of imprisonment, hanging till death, whole life imprisonment, penalty, property forfeiture, etc. Thus, these criminals lose their valuable time or valuable life.

Most of the criminals again start crime after completing their punishment. Many of them become more dangerous. Very few of them re-start their life as a good citizen in society. The reason may be that most of the punishments are external and are unable to bring internal change in criminals. Thus, the very purpose of punishment, i.e., to make crime-fee peaceful society, doesn’t get accomplished. The reason is that these punishments are unable to bring change in their mentality or internal tendency. It is just like we read in books from childhood that we should speak truth, should not think bad for others, but these can’t change us internally just by reading.

 But if there is something which can bring internal change in criminals, change their mentality or thinking or say only good thoughts emerge from their mind, then perhaps the purpose of punishment can be attained. When there is greed, ego, jealousy, hatred, etc in thoughts, then a person diverts towards criminal tendencies. It is the heart from where the good thoughts emerge. Therefore, if the heart is full of love and only love, then thoughts of love, politeness, helpfulness, honesty, etc., only will emerge and the person will not get diverted towards criminal tendencies.

 The theory of criminal law says that no work is a crime if there is no criminal intention. It means a person firstly thinks and then converts it into work. Similarly, a criminal also firstly thinks and then converts his thought into work and thereby does crime. If his thinking is always good, then he will not become criminal.

                I am connected with Heartfulness Meditation. Heartfulness Meditation can help here by bringing internal change in every person. This I am saying on the basis of my personal experience. Criminals may also get changed internally with this Heartfulness Meditation. Heartfulness Meditation uses meditation, cleaning and yogic transmission techniques which can bring internal changes in criminals if it is made a part of their daily routine.

What is Heartfulness Meditation :

Introduction : Heartfulness means to realize one’s own happy and cheerful condition and feel the same in his heart. By doing meditation on heart, we try to bring consistency between heart and mind Heartfulness meditation is a simple form of ‘Rajayoga’, which is an old Indian method and it has been made adjustable with modern household life. Yogic Transmission is its speciality By practice of Heartfulness Meditation, we experience stable change in our behavior and thinking. This is a very easy, simple and effective method and can be done easily sitting in our own house.”(1)

                “Heartfulness Institute has been working with United Nations Organization (UNO) since 1946 for world peace. It is giving its services in more than 130 countries for humanity. For guidance and help for meditation, there are a large number of Meditation Centres and Trainers. All these services are totally free for all. Almost in all the cities of our country, meditation centres and trainers are available which are in easy approach.”(2)

                Heartfulness Meditation is being practiced by many big personalities. Our Honourable President Shri Ram Nath Kovind is also practicing heartfulness meditation since long. Not only this, a large number of Doctors, Scientists, Bureaucrats, Engineers, etc are practicing Heartfulness Meditation and getting positive experiences in their lives.

Heartfulness Relaxation:

This is a small exercise to be done before meditation which relaxes body and mind and prepares body, mind and heart for meditation and makes it easy to go in deep meditative state.”(3)

Why Heartfulness Meditation:

Meditation means thinking continuously on one subject or keeping mind on one subject. It is said that that we become like that subject or thing on which we meditate. Experiences also prove this. Therefore, when we do meditation on the subtlest thing, i.e., on the God present in our heart, then divinity and purity will start flowing in our heart and we will start becoming divine. When we become pure like God, then only it is possible to mingle with God which the highest goal of human life according to all religions. This is possible only with the help of a perfect guide when we do our practice regularly under his guidance.”(4)

                “In heartfulness technique, meditation gets the help of Yogic Transmission technique. Transmission (also called pranahuti) is the flow of subtlest stream of ‘prana’, the life force. Just like love of mother is helpful in development of a baby, similarly this pranahuti is helpful in fast development of the soul. Pranahuti brings internal change in a person. Just like power can be transmitted, thoughts can be transmitted, sound can be transmitted, similarly, life force can be transmitted in the form of pranahuti.”(5)

Main Parts of Heartfulness Meditation

Meditation : Meditation is to be done in the very morning, before starting the daily routine with a thought that Divine Light is present in our heart.

Cleaning : Cleaning is the process to remove all the impressions which we have collected on mind during the day. Our thoughts, activities, reactions create impressions on mind which gradually become more deep with the passage of time and create loss of peace in mind. With the help of cleaning, the effect of impressions, tendencies, etc created earlier can be removed. It creates lightness in mind which further helps in bringing change in our behavior with the help of meditation.

Prayer : Doing prayer before sleeping with a deep sense of love & dependence towards God in the heart.

Group Meditation: At least once in a week, there is a group meditation at all the centres in the world. Group meditation is conducted by trainers. The environment which gets developed during group meditation benefits all attending it.

Individual Meditation Sittings: Individual Meditation Sittings are taken on regular basis from trainers. These sittings also help in removing old impressions, doubts and help in our own individual practice of meditation.”(6)

How to start Heartfulness Meditation: Heartfulness Meditation can be started with the help any trainer as a part of our daily routine. The website has been given at the end of the article from where one can know the trainer available near to his residence and can start practicing meditation. The services are provided totally free of cost.”(7)

Benefits of Heartfulness Meditation on the basis of my personal experience :

  1. Relaxation of body physically.
  2. Removal of mental tensions.
  3. Meditation on heart.
  4. Regularization of thoughts.
  5. Purification of mind.
  6. Connection with yourself.
  7. Development of decision making power with wisdom.
  8. Obtaining internal strength
  9. Feeling of happiness all the time
  10. Living a balanced life.
  11. Development of conscience.
  12. Freedom from mental complexities.
  13. Attachment with Nature

How Heartfulness Meditation can bring change in criminals ?

Heartfulness Meditation practice may be made compulsorily for all the criminals, who are being imprisoned. A heartfulness trainer may be appointed for this purpose who may also tell its benefits to them. When bread is put in oven, then it will definitely be baked. Similarly, when criminals start doing heartfulness meditation, they will definitely see internal positive changes in them.

                Gradually, when they themselves start feeling internal changes, they will definitely continue it as they will now get the goal of life and when their consciousness will get developed, they will feel that even after so much crime, still there is something which may take them to the real goal of human life.

                Criminal is also a human being, he is not criminal by birth. He also has soul (atma) which is a part of God (parmatma) and therefore his goal is also to mingle with God. When trainer will flow yogic transmission (pranahuti) to criminals, they will definitely be internally changed and this change will be permanent. In this way yogic transmission technique of heartfulness meditation will help in internal development of criminals. One can himself experiment by firstly meditation himself without transmission and thereafter with transmission and know the effect of transmission.

                In this way, the mind of criminal will gradually become pure. The layers of impressions on his soul will get gradually be removed and this behavior will get changed and heart will become full of love gradually. When hatred, jealousy, ego, violence, greed and anger get replaced by love, then criminal tendency will get removed and criminal will get changed.

                When we break an egg, a life gets ended. But, when it breaks itself by hatching, then a new life gets emerged. Similarly, when only outside measures are followed for change in a criminal, then it is very less possible that he will change rather his life will get more spoiled. But, if efforts are made to use internal measures, which may change him internally, then a new person may get emerged from the criminal. This can be very much possible through Heartfulness Meditation.

                I have communicated with a large number of persons who are connected with Heartfulness Meditation and have experienced that their lives have been changed with the help of Heartfulness Meditation and accept that the lives of criminals can also get changed by it completely. Some of them are :

Narpat Singh Rathore                     Retd. Addl. SP, Anti-Corruption Bureau

Sajjan Singh                                       Sub-Inspector, Accident Thana, Jaipur

Narendra Dayma                              CI, Rajasthan Police, Jaipur

Virendra Singh                                  SHO, Rajasthan Police, Degu, Chittor

Karan Singh Nathawat                   Retd. Police Inspector, Rajasthan Police

Mahaveer Singh                               Head Constable, Rajasthan Police, Jaipur

Parvendra Pal Singh                        Addl. Judge, Session Court

P. M. Bainda                                       Retd. Distt. Judge, Bhilwara

Arvind Nath Mishra                         Retd. Commander, Indian Navy

Col. Amar Singh                                 Retd. Colonel, Indian Navy         

Col. Yashpal Singh                            Retd. Colonel, Indian Navy         

Sanjay Bhatia                                     IAS

Tarun Toshniwal                               Dy. Director, NIC

Rakesh Bhardwaj                             RTO Inspector

V. S. Chouhan                                    Sr. Tech. Director, NIC (Scientist)

Man Prakash Sharma                     Ex-Suptd., SMS Hospital, Jaipur

Dr. Vinod Chaturvedi                      Doctor, SDM Hospital, Jaipur

B.L. Sharma                                        Retd. Suptd., ITI College

Sweety Goyal                                    Chartered Accountant

Shri Ram Meena                               Income Tax Deptt.

Vishnu Singh                                      RAS


Being a citizen thinking good for the country and being a practitioner (an abhyasi) of Heartfulness Meditation, I want to give suggestion that to remove criminal tendencies from criminals, heartfulness meditation should be made a part of their daily routine alongwith their punishment, as early as possible, so that their thinking may get changed and they get internally changed and crime may get reduced in the country.


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For more knowledge about Heartfulness Meditation, please log on to www.heartfulness.org and contact on toll fee no. 180010377726