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Constitution of India (Flow Chart of Indian Constitution)

Constitution of India (Flow Chart)

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Constitution of India ( An Introduction)

Constitution of India ( Schedules)

Historical Background of Indian Constitution

The Nature of Indian Constitution ( Federal or Unitary)

Salient Features of the Indian Constitution

The Preamble of the Constitution

The Union and Its Territory ( Articles 1 – 4)Judgement passed by Constitutional Bench

Flow Chart


Part- IThe Union and Its Territory (Art. 1-4)  
Part -IICitizenship (Art. 5-11)  
Part-IIIFundamental Rights (Art. 12- 35)-General (Art. 12-13)
-Right to Equality (Art. 14-18)
-Right to Freedom (Art. 19-22)
-Right against Exploitation (Art. 23-24)
-Right to Freedom of Religion (Art. 25-28)
-Cultural and Educational Rights (Art. 29-20)
-Saving of Certain Laws (Art. 31A -31D)
-Right to Constitutional remedies (Art. (32-35)
Part-IVDirective Principles of State policy(Art. 36-51)  
Part-IVAFundamental Duties (Art. 51A)  
Part-VThe Union (Art. 52-151)Ch.1 The Execution-The President and Vice President (Art. 52-73)
-Council of Ministers (Art. 74-75)
-The Attorney-General for India (Art.76)
-Conduct of Government Business (Art. 77-78)
 Ch.-2 Parliament-General Art. (79-88)
-Officers of Parliament (Art. 89-98)
-Conduct of Business (Art. 99-100)
-Disqualification of Members( Art. 101-104)
-Powers, Privileges and immunities of Parliament and its Members ( Art. 105-106)
-Legislative Procedure(Art. 107-111)
-Procedure in Financial Matters ( Art. 112-117)
-Procedure Generally ( Art. 118-122)
 Ch.-3 Legislative Powers of the President ( Art. 123) 
 Ch.-4 The Union Judiciary ( Art. 124-147) 
 Ch.-5 Comptroller andAuditor General of India ( Art. 148-151) 
Part -VIThe States (Art. 152-237)Ch.-1 General ( Art. 152) 
 Ch.-2 The Executive-The Governor (Art. 153-162)
-Council of Ministers (Art.163-164)
-The Advocate General for the State (Art. 165)
-Conduct of Government Business (Art.166-167)
 Ch.-3 The State Legislature-General (Art.168-177)
-Officers of the State Legislature ( Art. 178-187)
-Conduct of Business(Art. 188-189)Disqualifications of Members ( Art. 190-193)
-Powers, Privileges and immunities of State Legislatures and their Members ( Art. 194- 195)
-Legislative Procedure ( Art. 196-201)
-Procedure in Financial Matters ( Art. 202-207)
-Procedure Generally ( Art. 208-212)
 Ch.-4 Legislative Power of the Governor ( Art. 213) 
 Ch.-5 The High Courts in the States (Art. 214-232) 
 Ch.-6 Sub-Ordinate Courts ( Art. 233-237) 
Part -VIIThe States in Part-B of the First Schedule( Art.238) Repeal  
Part-VIIIThe Union Territories ( Art. 239-242)  
Part-IXThe Panchayats ( Art. 243-243o)  
Part-IXAThe Municipaliies ( Art. 243P-243ZG)  
Part-IXBThe Co- Operative Societies ( Art. 243ZH- 243ZI)  
Part -XThe Schedule and Tribal Areas ( Art. 244-244A)  
Part- XIRelation between the Union and the States ( Art. 245-263)Ch.-1 Legislative Relations-Distribution of Legislative Powers ( 245 -255)
 Ch.-2 Administrative Relations-General ( Art. 256-261)
-Disputes relating to Waters ( Art. 262)
-Co-ordination between States ( Art. 263)  
Part- XIIFinance, Property, Contracts and Suits ( Art. 264-300A)Ch.-1 Finance-General ( Art. 264- 267)
-Distribution of Revenues between the Union and the States ( Art. 268-281)
-Moscellaneous Financial Provisions ( Art. 282-291)
 Ch.-2 Borrowing ( Art. 292-293)   
 Ch.-3 Property, Contracts,Rights, Liabilities, Obligations and Suits ( Art. 294-300)   
 Ch.-4 Right to Property ( Art. 300A ) 
Part- XIIITrade , Commerce and Intercourse within the Territory of India ( Art. 301-307)  
Part- XIVServices under the Union and the States ( Art. 308-323)Ch.-1 Services ( Art. 308-314) 
 Ch.-2 Public Service Commisions ( Art. 315-323) 
Part- XIVATribunals ( Art. 323A- 323B)  
Part- XVElections ( Art. 324-329A)  
Part- XVISpecial Provisions Relating to Certain Classes ( Art. 330-342A)  
Part- XVIIOfficial Language ( Art. 343-351)Ch.-1 Language of the Union( Art. 343-344) 
 Ch.-2 Regional Languages ( Art. 345-347) 
 Ch.-3 Language og the Supreme Court, High Courts Etc. ( Art. 348-349) 
 Ch.-4 Special Directives ( Art. 350- 351) 
Part-XVIIIEmergency Provisions(Art. 352-360)  
Part- XIXMiscellaneous ( Art. 361-367)  
Part -XXAmendment of the Constitution ( Art. 368)  
Part -XXITemporary, Transitional and Special Provisions( Art. 369- 392)  
Part-XXIIShort Title, Commencement, Authoritative text in Hindi and Repeal ( Art. 393- 395)  
Constitution of India (Flow Chart)
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