How to nurture a child

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

Here we are describing the best ways about how to nurture a child, right from the birth and even before birth. Parents should nurture a child in such a way that there is overall multi-dimensional development of the child. We are giving step by step agewise best parenting tips for overall multi-dimensional development to bring best qualities and creativity in a child.

At the time of Conception

The mental status of parents  at the time of  conception plays a vital role in creating future of a child. So, parents should take care of it.

During 9 months period before birth

We know the story of Abhimanyu from Mahabharata. Arjun was telling how to enter a Chakrvyuha to Subhadra when Abhimanyu was in her tummy. Through this, he could know how to  enter a Chakrvyuha even without being born. What to we understand from this?

So, we can understand that after  conception and till birth, the family environment affects the mental status of a child after birth. For example, if during this 9 months period, there remains tension, qurarreling or sadness in the family, the baby born thereafter will  be of a serious  nature. But, if there is a happy and loving environment, the baby will have a happy nature. Likewise, if during this 9 month period, the mother watches horror serials or religious serials, this all affects the future of the child after birth.

During First 6 months after birth

All the doctors say that during first 6 months after birth, the baby should be given only breast feeding. No other drinks like cow milk, fruit juice, etc should be given during this period. It has been seen that children who have given only breast feeding during this 6 months period have more immunity than other children.

During 6 months to 2 years of age

After 6 months, we can give other things suitable for a baby. Bottle feeding should be avioided. When a baby becomes able to eat himself, he should be given his food and let him eat himself. The other family members may sit besides and eat their own food. The baby will see others and try to eat himself in similar manner. He may waste some food and create some chaos, but still he is learning and enjoying to eat himself.   

During 2 years to 6 years of age

To nurture a child after 2 years of age, parents should take more responsibility. After 2 years, there starts the age of creativity. A child watches everything with a surprise because everything is new in his life. Initially he may be given colours, pencil, eraser and let him do anything with these things. Let him waste papers, don’t worry. Working with these things brings a habit of use of study material and brings creativity in a child and it becomes easy to go to school where he will find the similar things.

The child of this age sees everything with curiosity. He has many questions and asks with his parents. Some parents simply ignore these questions. Don’t ignore, but reply all the questions, whether they may be relevant or not. This helps in improvement of brain of a child.

If the child of this age is single child in family and has no one to play with him, parents should become his friends and play with him like a  child.

When the child becomes able to read books or even understand pictures, give him story magazines and books like Tinkle, Magic Pot, Champak, etc. to read himself. A habit of daily bed time reading may be developed. This helps in  development of habit of book reading in the child and improvement in his vocabulary which will help him in future.

Mother should sing songs to small children which we call “lori” in Hindi. Moreover, parents should tell motivational stories to  elder children at the time of sleeping. This will not only help in a good sleep but also in development of moral values in the child.

During 6-12  years of age

Children of this age become able to understand everything. Parents should let such children to play outdoor games and meet different people. They may be sent to nearby market to buy grocery items or vegetables. This all helps in learn things, brings confidence and activeness.

Parents should nurture a child of such an age carefully. This is because Children of this age are highly sensitive. They should be treated properly. Parents should respect their children, then only they can expect respect from the children. They should hear everything from children patiently, whether relevant or not.

Parents should not become angry on mistakes of their children, rather explain them about mistakes in a peaceful manner. They should motivate children for studies. They should never compare the performance of children with performance of other children. Rather, comparison should be done with own previous performance and motivation should be given for  better efforts in future.

A habit of sleeping early may be developed. A good sleep at an early time also helps in development of brain and growth of a child. We all know “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” This is the time of development of such habit. Children of this age may be subjected to some course of brain and skill improvement like Brighter Minds Program.

During 12-18 years of age

Every child may not have interest in studies. We all know the saying,  “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” So, undue pressure should not be given to study hard. Instead, parents should be able to know their interest and help them to learn things of interest. Some children may be a good singer, some artist, or a sportsman. Let them grow their talent. Even those who study hard, must have some hobby for time pass when they are getting bored. Parents should help in this regard.

Parents should themselves behave in the family as they want from their children. They themselves should avoid watching excess TV or spend excess time on mobile. They should keep a happy family emvionment and become friends of children so that they may share everything and every problem. Tell them spiritual stories and motivate them to give some time to things like yoga and meditation. This will help children in remaining stress free and cool. This will also help them in increasing their attention and concentration on their work and improvement in their performance in every aspect of life.

So, summary is that parents have brought children in this world and therefore,  it is their duty to nurture the child in the best possible manner so that they may become a good human being.

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