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Notes – Constitution of India

Notes – Constitution of India

Constitution of India

Prepared by Rekha Khandelwal

Legal Study Material For all Purpose

Module -1

Constitution of India ( Flow Chart)

Constitution of India ( An Introduction)

Constitution of India ( Schedules)

Historical Background of Indian Constitution

The Nature of Indian Constitution ( Federal or Unitary)

Salient Features of the Indian Constitution

The Preamble of the Constitution

Module -2

The Union and Its Territory ( Articles 1 – 4)

Citizenship (Article 5 – 11)

Citizenship Cases

Citizenship by Domicile

Citizenship by domicile cases

citizenship Act, 1955( Provisions & Amendment)

Methods of Acquisition of Indian Citizenship

Methods of Losing Indian Citizenship

Module -3

Fundamental Rights ( An Introduction)

Fundamental Rights in India ( Part – III of Constitution of India) Origin , development and need

(Fundamental Rights with Interpretation of Cases)

The Concept of State ( Article – 12)

Question- Whether the University is a State or not?

Question – Whether Judiciary is State or not ?

Question – Whether BCCI is State or not?

  Fundamental Rights ( Article 13)

Doctrine of Severability ( Separability)

Doctrine of Waiver

The doctrine of eclipse

 Is Constitutional amendment a ‘law’ under article 13(2)

Meaning of ‘Law’ and ‘Laws in force’

Module – IV

Right to equality ( 14 – 18)

Judgement passed by Constitutional Bench

This is all about Notes – Constitution of India