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Objectives & Characteristics of Research

Prepared by Assist. Professor Rekha Khandelwal

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What is Research

Research Method & Methodology

Objectives & Characteristics of Research

Objectives or components of Research 

1. For Manipulation of objects, Ideas or symbols.

Science deals with things. In order to learn how things react or change in specific situations. The researcher keeps them in purposeful control. Such purposeful management is called ‘manipulation’ which is an aspect of the experiment. The researcher deals not only with objects but also with ideas or symbols.

2. For the purpose of generalization.

Research is conducted with a definite purpose, the purpose of which is to reach a statement of generality. The net result of a controlled investigation should be a prediction or conclusion that tells us that something is expected to happen in a class of things when certain class conditions are being influenced.

3.  To expand, improve or verify knowledge.

The generalizations drawn from the study have specific implications for the established collection of knowledge. It may add credibility to the existing accepted theory or make some modifications or changes to the accepted body part.

4.  The knowledge can  be used to construct a theory or practice of art.-

The Extended, improved, and tested knowledge can be put to two potential uses: theoretical and practical. The new knowledge gained in this way can be used to build theoretical models. Knowledge, on the other hand, can be used as a tool for defending a practical or utility goal and does not end there. Therefore, research can be theory oriented or action oriented.

In other words,

  • Every research has a purpose. Its purpose may be to discover new facts or to test and verify old facts or to develop new scientific tools, concepts and theories.
  • The purpose of research is to find the truth that is hidden and that has not yet been discovered.
  • The aim of the researcher is to find the answers to the questions by examining any hypothesis of the effect-relationship between the variables through the use of scientific processes.
  • One of the purposes of research is to get acquainted with an event or to gain new insights into it.

Motivation in Research

Characteristics of research

“A research may be explained with the five  characterizations spelling out the word MOVIE 

M – Stands for mathematical precision and accuracy.

O – Stands for objectivity.

V – Stands for verifiability.

 I – Stands for impartiality.

E – Standsis for expertness.

 Main characteristic of research is it’s logical and empirical nature. The research discovers new facts and verifies old facts. It tries to establish cause-and-effect relationship. 

 Research comprises ;

1. Defining and redefining problem;

2. Formulating hypothesis and suggested solutions.

3. Collecting, organising and evaluating data.

4. Making deductions and reaching conclusions.

 And a last; carefully testing the conclusions to determine whether they fit the formulating hypothesis.”[1]

The main characteristics of research:

  • Research is systematic, logical, purposeful, accurate, collects data, involves  hypothesis or testing of hypothesis, and it is transmittable.
  • Research is a creative process and involves investigation, discovery, experiment to find the truth with the evidence contained in the product.
  • It is a search for knowledge. It is rediscovering existing knowledge and it adds to the existing fund of knowledge of theory.
  •  Knowledge empowers man to understand, explain, control and hence cope with any situation. This means the human brain will always be in search of  knowledge. It is universal and true yesterday, today and tomorrow.
  • Research endeavors to data in quantitative term. It leads to decision making and action. It improves the level of living in society. 

[1] Dr. S. N. Myneni

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