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Research methodological introduction

Prepared by Assist. Professor Rekha Khandelwal

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What is Research

Objectives & Characteristics of Research

Research methodological introduction

What is Research Method?

What is Research Methodology?

Method – Method is a way of doing something and methodology is a science of philosophy of that method.

Methodology – In a research, the process of justifying and explaining of method is called methodology.

 According to Dr. S.N. Myneni “Method is the way of doing something. Methodology is the science of studyy of particular subject.”

 Thus, research methodology can be a standard, process or way of doing research. In its broadest sense methodology includes philosophy, investigation, description or scientific approach.

 Research methodology is a manner  to resolve the problem of research systematically. It is a science of studying how can be done research scientifically.

 Research methodology is a  process of study or investigation to gain new knowledge. It involves thorough research processes. 

 There are two schools of thoughts on research methodology

  • Positivism – Positivism believes in the idea of having a scientific method for all regulations.
  • Idealism –  Idealism the physical scientist’s methodologies are more quantitative and precise than the sociologists.

Methods of research are –

1. Scientific 

2. Unscientific method 

1. Scientific methodIt is a more systematic way of studying. it is a “systematic step by step process following the logical processes of researching.”

2. Unscientific method –

A systematic process is not necessary for the study. This type of research is only used for quick results. It is a kind of unsystematic or random method. Ultimately the researcher will have to choose the scientific method to establish the authenticity, on its result. Therefore, unscientific method is not recommended for any academic research.

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