What is Research(Meaning & Definitions)

What is Research(Meaning & Definitions )

Prepared by Assist. Professor Rekha Khandelwal

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What is Research?

What is meaning of Research?

Etymologically the term ‘research’ is derived from a french word ‘recerch’ meaning ‘to search’ and a latin word ‘ circare’ meaning ‘to go round in a circle.’

 Research =  Re + search (repetition of search)

 In Research-

 ‘R’ stands for ‘rational way of thinking.’ 

‘E’ stands for ‘expert and exhaustive treatment.’

‘S’ stands  for ‘search for solutions.’ 

‘E’ stands for ‘exactness.’

‘A’ stands for ‘analytical analysis of adequate data.’

‘R’ stands for ‘relationship between facts and theories.’

‘C’ stands for

‘(a) constructive attitude;

(b) critical observation;

(c) condensed and compactly stated generalisation;

(d) cautious and careful recording;

‘H’ stands for ‘ hard working & honestly in all aspects of the treatment of data.’

 Definitions of ‘research’ :-

According to the webster’s International Dictionary,  “Research is a careful, critical inquiry or explanation in seeking facts or principles; diligent investigation in order to ascertain something.”

 According to manheim, “Research is the careful, diligent and exhaustive investigation of a specific subject matter, which has as its aim the advancement of mankind’s knowledge.”

 As per Redman and Mary Research is a “Systematized efforts to gain knowledge.”

According to Lundberg, “Research is a method sufficiently objective and  systematic to make possible classification,  generalization and verification of the data observed.”

 The scientific definition of research-

“Research is that, “research is a creative process which initiates with  hypothesis and includes an inquiry or investigation,  discovery or invention or experimentation, during which substantial evidence is gathered to prove its final product. The chief aim of research is to know the truth. “

We can say that the research is a critical and extensive investigation or test which is aimed at reconsidering the accepted conclusions in the light of its newly discovered information.

 In simply, research is any investigation or discovery of fact or truth.

 Every kind of investigation that is based on the original sources of knowledge can be said to be research.

 Research is possible through the observation of new facts and through the formation of new ideas and thoughts.

 Research enhances knowledge. There are two sides to the word ‘knowledge’ – one is to know what you have and the other is to know where it is. The analogy of the river of knowledge enhances wisdom through experience and good judgment.

 The beginning of any research may seem small but it takes more dimension on a progress and journey.

 According to Bhagvada-Geeta, “The self shines farth like a sun in those who have banished ignorance by wisdom.” “wisdom is our perspective of life, enhancing judgement,  discernment, comprehension and integrated wholeness.”

What is Research(Meaning & Definitions of Research)

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