True Love

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What is True Love

Love is not so simple as a word made of 4 letters. Just saying that I love you is not love. It is important to understand what true love is.

This is because love cannot be described in words. Love just happens, it can only be felt. It is neither seen with the eyes nor heard by the ears. Love is that which can only be felt in the depths of the heart. As one feels the touch of air and when there is true love, it is a state of perfect bliss, beyond which the joy of all other things seems insignificant.

पोथी पढ़ – पढ़ जग मुआपंडित भया  कोई।

 ढाई अक्षर प्रेम कापढ़े सो पंडित होय

                                              Saint Kabir

Saint Kabir Das has said that he who has read (understood) two and a half letters of love(प्रेम ) is a great scholar, and not a reader of innumerable books, because it is easier to understand books from all over the world by reading, but it is not so easy to understand the two and a half letters of love(प्रेम ).

Only on the basis of own experience, Love can be understood. There are very few people who can understand love in their entire human life. They are great personalities and similar to God.

To experience love one has to go through many criteria of whole life. When pleasures and sorrows that keep coming in life like sun and shade, then only the true meaning of love is understood. Love cannot be defined. But as much as I have been able to understand on the basis of my life experience till now, the meaning of love is sacrifice, love is selfless. In love, there is only a sense of giving, not of taking. If there is give and take in love, then it becomes a transaction, not love.

When we work for someone without any expectation, we are even ready to give up our favorite things, then we can say that we have put one step in the direction of love. Still we cannot say that we are loving because it is the beginning. We have yet to pass the test of life. Love comes out as a conclusion to whole life.

Today’s young generation is getting very much confused about love. It has understood the love only as an attraction. What I want to ask them is to imagine for a moment that if the attraction due to which he or she has fallen in love is destroyed, will that love still remain? Just as if someone is fascinated by one’s beauty and if that beauty is destroyed, if someone loves being influenced by one’s wealth and that wealth is destroyed, will his love remain same as it is today.

For who he is losing precious time of his life, he will never come back in his life, that precious time which can determine his future for his whole life.

If you want to love, do it by being attracted by something that cannot be destroyed under any circumstances in life. Today, when the test of life comes after the mistake of considering attraction as love, then only those lovers who used to pretend to love, stagger, and the relationship falls apart. This is the reason why married couples are unable to keep up with a long-term sweet relationship. Either they break up or there is negativity between those relationships. The reason for the negativity that you see between relationships in society is because there is no true love.

If the basis of a husband-wife relationship is true love rather than external attraction, then it not only stays firmly in all the tests of life but becomes stronger because where there is true love there is no ego. Most of the relationship is dominated by ego and due to ego, they get broken or they get bitterness in between.

True Love is that which is based on inner beauty that doesn’t end with time. In true love, the presence of the physical body of the lover is not necessary. This is because when someone has true love, he can feel the same inside his heart every moment. To love simply it is necessary to be simple, it is necessary to of empty heart, it is necessary to be full of human qualities (love, kindness, compassion, tolerance, selflessness, humility, acceptance), it is necessary to get into the depths of the heart.

जल में बसें कुमोदनी, चंदा बसे आकाश।

 जो जांही को भावता, वो तांहि के पास।’

It is a Hindi ‘doha’ which means that when there is true love, the lover can feel it every moment. Take example of a mother. When she raises her child, loves her, then there is no thought in her mind that she will get something from her child in return. With love, she is happy to see her child playing. This selfless love of the mother is also felt by her innocent child, whose understanding has not yet been developed. But as soon as she comes in the lap of the mother, she becomes relaxed because she is confident that she is now in safe hands and she will take care of her in every situation. That is why he is able to understand the word “Ma” or “Mamma” (mother) first.

After all, what was the reason that an innocent child was able to feel the love of his mother. It was the mother’s selfless love and her dedication and sacrifice for the child. The child also felt that his mother was always ready for him whenever he needed something. Even at midnight when the child was hungry, his mother was ready for him that time. Thus the innocent child, who has not come in this world for a long time, is also able to feel the love of the mother. And this is only due to the sacrifice and dedication of the mother.

The love between the mother and the innocent child is the true love in which the child’s heart is simple and the mother’s love is selfless and full of sacrifice. When the child is in trouble, then mother’s heart senses it even if the child is away.

In the same way, there is a love of God who is selfless and which can be felt by a simple heart. But for this, the heart has to be simplified like an innocent child. Those layers of the heart have to be removed which have been created by the worldly influence after coming into the world. Then only, one can feel the love of God in his heart every moment, like the love of a simple heart mother. And when the love of God is felt, the mind is relaxed like that of an innocent child as there is no place for fear, tension, and despair, but the mind is full of enthusiasm, courage and joy, because he has faith that he is now in the safe hands of God and he will take care of him under all circumstances.

Love is not just between a couple, love of brother – sister, mother – father, guru – disciple, husband – wife, even the love of one human being towards another human is love. At the same time, love for nature, love for animals, trees, plants, all living and non-living things is also a love but this is possible only when our heart is simple and full of human qualities.

I have been practicing Heartfulness Meditation for the last six years and through meditation I have learned that love is not a thing to do, it is a feeling. Heartfulness Meditation teaches that one should not only love but try to become love in himself, so that everyone meeting him may feel that love. Just like a rose, which gives fragrance to everyone who comes near to it, irrespective of colour, caste, sex, religion and position.

On the basis of my experience, I can say that only through meditation the heart be made simple and full of human qualities and free of negative tendencies (jealousy, greed, ego, hatred etc.). Then only a person is able to fall in love, become love and feel the beauty and intensity of love. And this is true love.

Heartfulness Meditation is being practised not only in India, but in more than 160 countries in the world including Unites States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Canada, Russia, France, Denmark and Italy.

Purity of Heart is the essence of love.

Inspired by the Heartfulness Meditation.

If you do not agree with my views, then I apologize with folded hands.

                                                                                                                       The writer
                        Rekha Khandelwal


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