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United Nations Objectives – International Law

United Nations Organization

 The purposes for which the United Nations was established are described in Article 1 of the Charter.

 These are the purpose –

1. Maintenance of international peace and security – This purpose is provided by clause (1) of Article (1) of the Charter. This objective of the United Nations has been coined by Kalson using the term ‘world peace’. Because the action of the United Nations is not limited to relations between its member states.

2. To develop friendly relations among nations-

This purpose is provided for by clause (2) of article (1).

 Paragraph (2) of Article (1) lays down that in order to prevent conflict between nations, it was considered necessary to develop friendship between nations, that is, friendship should be based on equal rights of people and equal rights of self-determination.

Thus, clause (2) of Article 1 propounds the principle of self-determination. In South-West Africa (1971) and Western Sahara (1975), the International Court of Justice has also accepted General Assembly resolution 1514 (xv) and the binding nature of the principle of self-determination in the context of colonialism.

3. Producing international cooperation – this purpose is laid down by clause (3) of Article (1) of the Charter. This passage describes two purposes, which are related to each other.

 To generate international cooperation in solving international problems related to economic, social, cultural or human welfare.

 International cooperation to promote and promote respect for human rights and basic freedoms without distinction of race, sex, language or religion.

4. To make the United Nations an international center for coordination

This purpose of the United Nations is described under clause (4) of article (1).

 According to paragraph (4), the United Nations, being the principal world organization, shall act as the center for coordinating the actions of nations for the attainment of these common objectives.

The purpose stated in the Charter is very important. The International Court of Justice, while giving its advisory vote in 1962 on certain costs of the United Nations, recognized the importance of the objectives set out in Article 1. With regard to the purposes of the Charter, the International Court of Justice stated that in interpreting the provisions of the Charter, the objectives stated in the Charter should be given priority.

United Nations Objectives – International Law